Issues We Face


Learn more about Helene Meister and her vision for Maryland LD 17. Here you will find all the information you need surrounding the political concerns Helene Meister is addressing, as well as key policies that Helene Meister fights to uphold. As our society is ever-changing, so are political issues and the need to amend governmental policies. Stay tuned here.



Montgomery County schools were reputed among the best in the nation, yet we have all noticed that they are no longer providing the quality and excellence of the past. Helene wants our school to focus on literacy and pushing for strong academic skills, history and civic instructions void of ideologies and political influence.  
Parental rights are important because ultimately parents make the decisions for their children's education. They have to be listened instead of being pushed aside.
Traditionally western democracies ensured public schools were not a tool for political indoctrination as opposed to dictatorial and totalitarian regimes. Why ? because public education was thought as a public good meant to ensure public instruction and political neutrality, not interfering in private spheres of religion or politics. That is how our democracy and freedoms for all are preserved, allowing young generations to be educated and able to think independently for themselves.
School revenues should also properly channel funds to programs maintaining adequate literacy levels and providing help to children with learning difficulties and special needs instead of ever expanding class sizes and wasting revenues on non essential programs. Check my news section to learn more about recent trends in our schools.

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Economic freedom


Helene Meister is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many residents striving to survive economically after two very difficult pandemic years. Small businesses are the backbone of our community they provide jobs and economic health to our county and district. However they were hard-hit by mandates and covid closures and they are still recovering. Helene wants to help their recovery by limiting government regulations and lower their taxes.

Quality of Life


Maryland living costs are very high and worsened by ramping inflation rates, high housing costs and ever increasing taxes. In 2020, Maryland was among the top 10 states people left from with 55% moving outbound and the trend is not clearly reversing.

The state also ranks 7th out of 52 regions on MERIC's cost-of-living index.

Instead of mitigating costs for residents, local government, year after year, has been increasing taxes.

Helene wants to lower the cost of life for residents by lowering sales tax, lowering income tax and expanding the gas tax holiday to further help residents to adjust their finances to the worst inflation year on record.

A recent bill passed in the Maryland state assembly increased local income tax (HB 319) and increased marylanders' utility costs (HB174).  

Property taxes also increased with tax reassessment operated in the worst inflation year.  

Finally, Since around half the People leaving Maryland are above 55, A new tax credit was put in place to provide relief to retired individuals but the credit is capped and it might not be enough to keep retirees from leaving the state.


Issues We Face


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The Environment


Helene Meister is proud to support changes for cleaner air and transition to clean energy but taking into account the needs of residents and pragmatic solutions that would include common sense approach and consultation or dialogue with partners.

One thing to consider is that clean energy sources are rapidly evolving  and could include hydrogen and nuclear powered energy.

A particular concern is the nitrogen and chemical contaminants (like mercury) of the Chesapeake region. Maryland has to keep doing its part, but also needs to induce other partners such as PA, VA, NJ, West VA to step up and do more to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Helene will fight against any effort to divert funds from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation